Hack2skill Display Advertising Style Guide

Hack2skill is thankful for the credence that the community has in our products and services.

What is a Hack2skill brand asset?

Brand Assets are invariant signals that make it simpler for others to acknowledge and identify the brand and recognize the associations between the customer and the brand. In this modern era, trademarks provide influential frontage and decision-making confidence to customers.

Hack2skill’s brand assets include not only the registered trademarks but also the company’s name, product names, descriptions, logos, icons, iconography, designs, texts, fonts, images, and videos, framed or designed by Hack2skill.

These Trademark Guidelines will be modernized from time to time, and it describes how our Brand Assets can be utilized under specific circumstances.

Registered Trademark




H2S Logo

Short Name


Correct usage of Brand Names-

  1. Hack2skill [ Use ‘H’ in caps and ‘s’ in regular]
  2. H2S [Use H and S in caps only]
  3. You may change the look & appearance of the message depending on your inclination without hampering the brand guidelines & the content.
  4. You must tag the official handles of Hack2skill while promoting on social media.
If you want to report the misusage of a Hack2skill trademark, please contact info@hack2skill.com.

Developer’s Community

Student communities may proceed with the below-mentioned details without receiving specific consent from Hack2skill


Vendors may wish to use Hack2skill’s name and/or logo in accordance with the Terms of Use but prior approval is mandatory.


For the purposes of journalistic reporting, Media may use any Hack2skill brand assets contained in the a brand guidelines kit.

Third parties

Third parties may wish to use Hack2skill’s name and/or logo in accordance with the Terms of Use but prior approval is mandatory.

Which organization is not allowed to use the brand assets of Hack2skill?

  1. When it portrays Hack2skill in a negative light or it illustrates the Hack2skill Mark in a humiliated, disparaged, or tarnished way.

  2. When it has not consented in writing/ documented form.

  3. If the trademark of Hack2skill is erroneously used in media.

Hack2skill Logo Library

Click on image to download logo, or click here to download zip file.


If your Brand Usage request is authorized/approved by Hack2skill, then the subsequent terms will be applied. If you do not agree to be restrained by any of these terms of use then do not submit your Use Request and you shall not use Hack2skill’s brand assets.

For your convenience to understand Hack2skill’s Brand Assets, we have listed down all Dos and Don’ts.


  1. Usage of Hack2skill’s logo must be approved in any case. In any event, the logo which is being used in any co-branded campaign, usage must be in accord with the already set standards. You can check complete Brand guidelines for the size, clear space, and color.
  2. Usage in the title of any news article, when truthful and not in a misleading manner.
  3. The usage of the Brand’s name or image in a less prominent manner than your own brand or company name, unless you’re having a strategic partnership/association agreement.
  4. The usage of the brand names must be clarified before. Partnerships can be announced on social media and cannot be changed afterward unless you’re having a new partnership/association agreement.
  5. Use our Brand Assets for publication, journals, conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops, or events in compliance with a strategic partnership / association / agreement.


  1. Don’t change, animate, fudge, photoshop, or alter the logo or artwork in proportion or color.
  2. Using Hack2skill’s Brand Assets in an unacceptable way, for example, by combining Hack2skill’s Brand Assets with other terms, misspellings, or incorporating them into a tagline or slogan, etc.
  3. Usage of old versions of our logos.
  4. Adding words directly around the Hack2skill logos.
  5. Associating our logos with any vulgar, obscene, or inappropriate material.
  6. You may not create any social media account whose username or title may suggest association/ affiliation or endorsement by us.
  7. Usage of our logos/branding asset in any advertising creative or copy (digital, social, PPC, or otherwise) unless you’re having a strategic partnership/association agreement, “(this includes phrases, such as “Hack2skill Partner” or “Hack2skill Design Certified”).
  8. Utilize logos that are confusingly identical to our logos.
  9. Translation of our marks/name into any other languages.

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