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Get exquisite learning experience about RPA from experienced and seasoned speakers with RPADC, a right from scratch bootcamp for students, working professionals and freelancers.

About RPA

Get acquainted with the Futuristic Technology of RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software technology that enables the use of computer software robots to build, handle, manage and deploy repetitive, rule-based digital tasks. RPA is precise, accurate, and immune to boredom. It can also be scaled more easily than your human workforce. RPA can perform just about any rule-based work and can do so through interaction with any software application or website. It’s a robotic connection to the human world of the computer user interface.

The demand for RPA Knowledge has surged over the years, and as estimated is expected to see a steep rise in the coming future due to the seamless process of deployment, pinpoint accuracy, and cutting down of resources.

In a quest to get young technology students acquainted with RPA and offer diverse career opportunities in the field, RPA Developer Camp, presented by Hack2skill and powered by UiPath has been launched.

RPADC is a Bootcamp, followed by a Beginner’s Diploma offered by UiPath Academy to enable tech students to kickstart their journey with RPA, understand RPA from scratch, get industry insights, and practical learning opportunities.

Overview of RPADC

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Who can Participate?

RPA Developer Tech Camp is open to


College students willing to step ahead in the direction of experiential learning about RPA must enroll.


Freelancers who wish to expand their skillset by learning about RPA from scratch are welcome to enroll.

Working Professionals

Professionals looking to upskill themselves and dive into the field of RPA can also enroll.


Follow the steps mentioned below to enroll for RPADC and complete your introduction to RPA course.

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  • Parth Doshi

    Consultant @WonderBotz | THE RPA ROOKIES, Creator

  • Nidhi Chaturvedi

    Senior RPA Analyst @ Citrix || UiPath MVP

  • Ishmeet Bindra

    Senior Python Developer @ Incubit & UiPath MVP

  • Mukesh Kala

    RPA Developer @ NatWest Group & UiPath MVP

  • Anuj Sharma

    Lead Community Team @ Hack2Skill | RPA Enthusiast

  • Eduard Shlepetskyy

    Founder at Ective.eu & UiPath MVP

  • Syed Pasha

    UiPath MVP Automation Lead - Roboyo UiPath

  • Satish Prasad

    RPA Solutions Consultant @ Iris Software Inc. || UiPath MVP

  • Shubham Varshney

    Senior Consultant || UiPath MVP


    Senior Consultant || UiPath MVP


    UiPath MVP ||RPA Developer || UiPath Community Speaker || YouTuber

  • Anmol Yadav

    UiPath MVP 2021 & 2022 | RPA Analyst at Speridian Technologies | YouTuber (RPA Evangelist)

  • Manoj Batra

    Associate Vice President || 2 X UiPath MVP NatWest Group

  • Anuka Roychowdhury

    HR Lead at WonderBotz LLP

  • Tanmay Halder

    Senior Director- Digital Transformation leading Intelligent Process Automation Practice

Rewards and Benefits

RPADC aims at providing students, freelancers, and working professionals with right from scratching training regarding RPA, industry insights, and real-world experiences. To add value to this learning experience, there are certain benefits that participants can avail themselves of on completion of the course.

UiPath Swags

UiPath Swags on successful Completion of the Diploma.

Access to Exclusive Internship & Job Opportunities

Access to Exclusive Job & Internship Opportunities, by Hack2skill.


Participants will have opportunity to be mentored by RPA Industry experts.


Co-Branded certificate by Hack2skill and UiPath after successful completion of the Diploma.

Academic Partners

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  • Anjana
    (Rajalakshmi Engineering College)

    "It's been a great experience to get to know more about RPA in depth and also the camps gave a new light to what RPA is all about and how it could turn to a career."

  • Jui Ashok Naik
    (Usha Mittal Institute of Technology)

    "Before I was introduced to RPA by Hack2skill, RPA was really a big thing for me. As a beginner, I was little worried before the session. But sir explained RPA in very simple way. Also, UiPath is the best platform to learn RPA via interactive, short and easy lessons. Thank you Hack2skill for this opportunity."

  • Suhana
    (Indian Institute of Information Technology, Mandi)

    "I enjoyed this course. The concepts were delivered clearly in an easy-to-understand way. The lectures truly helped take my knowledge & skill set to new heights! The courses are splendid and the mentor is awesome at explaining. This course has been setup such that we enjoy the project and learn on the way. It kind of sits in your mind and we don't need to put extra effort in remembering activities since we do it and explore."

  • Nidhi Chaturvedi
    (Senior RPA Analyst @ Citrix || UiPath MVP)

    "Hack2Skill RPADC's efforts to educate students and IT professionals on the critical IT skill of RPA are commendable. The event was well-planned and structured. I had a great time participating in the discussion with the interactive participants."

  • Amarta Kundu

    "I'm very glad to share that Hack2skill & UiPath gives me a great opportunity to learn a new technology like Robotic Process Automation Developer Camp. I had a great time exploring the world of automation and learning from some of the best and most seasoned Community Leaders in RPA. I'm very happy to be part of this Robotic Process Automation Developer Camp. Special Thanks to Hack2skill & UiPath Team :) "

  • Karunakaran vijayaraghavan
    (Sri Ramakrishna College Of Arts and science)

    "Niti chaturvedi mam session was so awsome..her explaination was so knowledgeable. her knowledge in ui path automation was more wide. not only her lot of personalities has shared their wide knowledge😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩"

  • Mukesh Kala
    (RPA Developer @ NatWest Group & UiPath MVP)

    "It is always refreshing to connect to the college students - The Queries and the curiosity of the students for any technology is super. It was an wonderful experience for me and have got some nice insights . Kudos to the organizers for seamless management."

  • Reddy Kumaraswamy
    (Amity University Chhattisgarh)

    "It was a great experience learning this automation technology, which is a very good tech skill that everybody should have. We can use this automating technology in automating our repetitive tasks and do our focus on creative thinking work. Our instructor taught those topics very well and efficiently. Learned a lot from this camp, and looking for more like this."

  • Shubham Kumar
    (Indian Institute of Information Technology, Sonepat)

    "RPA technology is changing how the world gets work done. We all know that automation is future and the rate at which the RPA market is growing itself represents its true scale. I would like to thank Hack2Skill and UiPath for organizing this amazing event. After attending this, I came to know about RPA and opportunities in this technology of future."

  • Satwik Sharma
    (Lakshmi Narayan college of science and technology)

    "I was a newbie when i started in this field but after connecting with this event i researched more on it and found that it was the field that i was knowing from my childhood about robots and it's functions how they are made etc questions came into my mind at that time today i am capable to answer all these questions because of this course only i thanks UiPath and Hack2skill for providing such a quality content to young generation curious minds like me 🙂"

  • Dhruva Bhattacharya
    (Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Science Jabalpur)

    "Robotic Process Automation Developer Camp(RPADC) presented by UiPath Community In which I have learned how automation work and go through every small steps required in IT in automation it provides a streamlined path of learning for participants to follow in order to grasp the concepts of the technology. By being a part of the camp, one can expect to develop an inclination towards RPA & take forward the learnings to build a career in this burgeoning field."

  • Sangita Mahala
    (Gandhi Institute For Technology(GIFT),Bhubaneswar)

    "I had a great time exploring the world of automation and learning from some of the best and most seasoned Community Leaders in RPA and learned so much about Robotic Process Automation. I also got to know how these software bots use AI and ML to perform their tasks with more accuracy and efficiency really enjoyed this and thanks to hack2skills and uipath for providing this amazing experience through out this program."

  • Rahul Kumar
    (Bhagalpur College of Engineering)

    "I am grateful to UiPath and H2S for organizing this boot camp. Robotic Process Automation Developer Camp was an innovative approach of providing knowledge about this cutting-edge technology. I spent a fantastic time learning from some of the greatest and most experienced RPA Community Leaders and discovering the field of automation. Being a part of RPA developer camp and obtaining huge information and understanding on this platform has been an eye-opening experience. I hope H2S will organize more boot camps in the future, and I am thankful to be part of this RPADC."

  • Sibaditya Mitra
    (Siksha O Anusandhan University,ITER)

    "It gave me immense pleasure to announce that I have completed Robotic Process Automation Developer Camp (RPADC) presented by UiPath Community & Hack2skill which aims to pilot an automation learning journey for innovators who wish to learn the technology right from the ground level .I have gained lots of knowledge and very exicted for this type of developer camp .Very nice and awesome camp.Thank-You UiPath & Hack2skill for providing this amazing opportunity to learn. RPADC provides a streamlined path of learning for participants to follow in order to grasp the concepts of the technology.By being a part of the camp, one can expect to develop an inclination towards RPA & take forward the learnings to build a career in this burgeoning field."


If your college is not listed ad an Academic Partner for RPADC, you can either enroll as an individual by clicking on this link or get your college enrolled and getting a Bootcamp conducted in your college by clicking here.

No, it's not needed.

RPA Bootcamp is open to the Students, technologist, freelancers and professional developer community.

No, the bot development is not compulsory but it'll be a good experience.

There is no participation fee, neither for the colleges nor for the students.

Participants will get a Diploma on completion of the course at UiPath Academy and a Participation Certificate for being a part of RPADC.

The organizing team will approve and confirm your participation over mail.

Feel free to check the Resource section of the Dashboard.