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Augmented Reality
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Submit Your AR Lenses By 7th May'23
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The India Summer Lensathon (ISL) is a Lens creation challenge presented by Snap AR India and powered by Hack2skill.

This summer, unleash your creative potential using Lens studio to showcase the power of augmented reality. Let your imagination run free as you will be given hands-on training through workshops & bootcamps to create unique experiences through Lens creation.

Stand a chance to win cash prizes worth ₹ 10.5 Lakhs and a digital certificate on valid & public AR Lens submission.


1st Place Winner

₹2 Lakh

2nd Place Winner

₹1.5 Lakh

3rd Place Winner

₹1 Lakh

4th Place Winner

₹75 K

5th Place Winner

₹50 K

Silver 6th to 10th
Place Winner

₹10K Each

Bronze 11th to 15th
Place Winner

₹5K Each


Engagement Evaluation PERIOD Cash Prizes
17th March - 14th May ₹1 Lakh
17th March - 21st May ₹1 Lakh
17th March - 28th May ₹1 Lakh
17th March - 4th June ₹1 Lakh

Win a cash prize of ₹1 Lakh Every Week!

Lens Engagement will be calculated on the basis of a combination of plays, saves and shares on your submitted AR Lens


Celebrate & Spread the diverse trends prevalent in your culture, right here..right now! Build Lenses that are locally relevant to you and your culture ( food , music,dance, events, make-up, fashion, holidays,pop culture, humour etc. )

Focus on the trending topics for your community… Create a Lens that Snapchat users will love to save in their library and showcase by sharing on the platform with their friends and family!

Lens-Creation Process

1. Register

Complete the registration process for Snapchat’s India Summer Lensathon to get started.

Registrations Closed
2. Download Lens Studio

Lens Studio is a powerful application designed for artists and developers to build augmented reality experiences for hundreds of millions of Snapchatters. With a huge set of built-in features including custom shaders and advanced tracking technology, the possibilities are endless.

Download Lens Studio

3. Attend Workshops & Bootcamps

Attend workshops & bootcamps and learn how to build Lenses on Lens Studio, the schedule of the bootcamps and workshops can be found here

Intro to Lens Studio - Making Simple Lenses

Open for All

7th April 2023

View Workshop

Building a Face Quiz/randomizer

Open for All

14th April 2023

View Workshop

Building a Face Filter Game

Open for All

20th April 2023

View Workshop

Optimization and Finalizing Your Lens Experiences

Open for All

24th April 2023

View Workshop

Snap AR Bootcamp - 1

Open for All

18th April 2023

View Bootcamp

Snap AR Bootcamp - 2

Open for All

22nd April 2023

View Bootcamp

AMA Session with Innovative Snap Lens Creator

Open for All

27th April 2023

Session Ended

Submit Your AR Lens

Submit Your AR Lens

What do you need to submit?

Create as many AR Lenses as you want and submit them. Remember, quality is more important than quantity. The evaluation criteria of the AR Lenses will be based on the quality of the idea, its potential impact and its implementation.

The theme of the Lensathon is “Celebrating Culture” Create quality AR Lenses, and Unleash your creative potential!

Submit your entry with the below details:

  1. Lens Name
  2. Lens URL Your Lens must be public and published! You will find your Lens URL in the My Lenses section
  3. Lens ID: A copy of your Lens ID, which can be found by going to My Lenses and selecting the Lens you need the ID of. Select the copy icon and your Lens ID will be copied to your clipboard.
  4. AR Lens Demo Video (Optional) : A 2-minute YouTube video (hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Youku or an external link which we can access -Google Drive etc.) stating a demo of your experience working with AR via a step-by-step visual demo. Ensure that you talk about the Lens Studio features you used to build your AR Lens.
Submit your AR Lenses on the Participant Dashboard

The deadline to submit AR Lenses is 7th May, 2023

AR Lens Publishing Guidelines

    For a project to be deemed as a quality submission to be reviewed, the following criteria and guidelines must be met:

  • 2 MB File Size and Under
  • No Lens Studio templates with minor edits/customisations
  • Tag your AR Lenses as "INLensathon2023"
  • Must meet official Lens Studio submission guidelines
  • New ideas [Not copies of previously submitted popular Lenses]
  • Preview Video - A Lens preview video helps users visualise their Lens experience before unlocking the Lens. Think of it as a mini trailer for your creation. Previews make your Lenses more compelling and will be visible to the public.

Judging Criteria

Idea Quality

How creative, original or innovative is the idea?

Potential Impact

Does the solution have a real-world impact & does it provide some sort of value to users?

Implementation of Idea

How well was the idea implemented technologically?

Information regarding the criteria for the AR Lens Engagement Contest will be released soon.


Utilize the following resources for a better understanding of the Lens Studio-

Beginner’s Tutorial For Lens Studio

Watch Here

Learner’s Tutorial For Lens Studio
Support & Forum

Click Here


Registrations and AR Lens submissions open

17th Mar'23


7thApr to 26thApr'23


17th Apr to 28thApr'23

Closure of Registrations and AR Lens submissions

7th May’23

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

India Summer Lensathon is open to all Indian citizens above the age of 13 years. There are no other restrictions on participation.

Participants can submit their Lenses anytime between the 17th of March 23 & the 7th of May 23.

An individual participant or team can submit as many Lenses as they want, however, the evaluation criteria of the Lenses will be solely based on Lens quality and not quantity. We would encourage you to submit 1 or 2 great AR Lenses instead of 4 to 5 regular AR Lenses

Follow this tutorial to successfully submit your Lens via Lens Studio. Once your Lens is submitted, approved, and live by Snap, share the Lens ID and your Lens Link on the participant dashboard.

Yes, you can make edits to your Lenses after submission

There are no participation fees.

Yes, 1 to 3 team member participation is acceptable

Discussion Zone

Join the discussion zone to interact with Lens Studio Advocates, have your doubts cleared, and get inspired by fellow participants to create breathtaking Lenses.

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Registrations Closed