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19th November 2023


- An LLM Challenge

Rewards worth ₹5 Lakhs
Who can participate?

This hackathon is exclusively for startup, professional and freelance developers.

Last Date To Register 19th Nov 2023

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Intel® presents “oneAPI GenAI Hackathon - An LLM Challenge” which is a 30-hour offline coding challenge aimed at showcasing developers' skills in crafting inventive solutions for societal betterment through diverse computing techniques. It emphasises the use of Intel® oneAPI as the primary programming paradigm.

Throughout the hackathon, participants will gain valuable hands-on insights from Intel® experts, delving into the versatile Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit, alongside a range of other resources. This will enable them to proficiently engage with established Intel®-optimised frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn, XGBoost, various open-source AI tools, and domain-specific reference materials.

Participants' tasks involve harnessing Intel® oneAPI and heterogeneous computing to create practical, real-world solutions utilising machine learning methodologies. The primary aim of the hackathon is to encourage tech enthusiasts and professionals to leverage the Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit, fostering innovative solutions.

The Intel® oneAPI Hackathon is an inclusive event open to professional developers, hosted in Bengaluru, India. Participants will collaborate in teams, demonstrating functional prototypes developed during the event, addressing challenges via Intel® oneAPI.

The hackathon offers substantial prizes worth ₹5 Lakhs for the highest-performing teams. Come and join the oneAPI GenAI Hackathon, become a part of a dynamic community of trailblazers dedicated to crafting solutions that have a meaningful impact!

Winner Winner
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Hackathon Phases

Idea Submission
  • Creation of Intel® Developer Cloud Account,

  • Submit your Idea PPT converted into a PDF

  • PPT should consist of usage of Intel® Developer Cloud in a architect format

This will be the ideation phase of the hackathon where participants shall brainstorm their ideas using Intel® AI Analytics Toolkits and submit Innovative solutions to their chosen problem statement.

Prototype Development
  • Creation of Prototype & Code submission in GitHub repository

  • By the end of this phase, they will have to submit their prototype codes for the Final Submission.

In this phase, the participants will be working towards building their prototype & will be attending mentor hours taken by industry experts & professionals from Intel®.

30 Hour Offline Hackathon
  • 15th December 2023 | Grand Finale - DAY 1

  • 16th December 2023 | Grand Finale - DAY 2

The shortlisted participants after making their final submissions, will be invited to fine tune their prototype with the help of the hackathon mentors & present it in front of an esteemed Jury Panel on the hackathon days.


Registration and Ideation
Registrations Open

  16th October 2023

Idea Submissions Open

  16th October 2023

Workshop 1

  31st October 2023

AMA Session (H2S)

  17th November 2023

Registrations Closes

  19th November 2023

Idea Submissions Closed

  19th November 2023

Prototyping & Mentorship
Prototype Development Phase Begins

  23rd November 2023

Induction Session (H2S)

  27th November 2023

Mentor-Mentee Connect Day-1

  28th November 2023

Mentor-Mentee Connect Day-2

  29th November 2023

Final Submissions

  06th December 2023

Submissions & Final Evaluations
Checkpoint - FINAL Prototype Evaluation Begins

  07th December 2023

Checkpoint - FINAL Prototype Evaluation Ends

  09th December 2023

Final Shortlist Announcement

  10th December 2023

Grand Finale
(30-Hour Hack) Grand Finale - DAY 1

  15th December 2023

(30-Hour Hack) Grand Finale - DAY 2

  16th December 2023


Deliverables - Idea Submission Phase

  • Participants must strictly adhere in using the Intel® AI Analytics Toolkits while framing their ideas.

  • Create a Intel® Developer Cloud account and submit the account screenshot in the submissions.

  • A sample template for idea submission will be given to the participants in their hackathon dashboard, all the points mentioned in the template should strictly be covered in their submission.

  • Participants will be required to fork this repository and update the README file, filling in the required details and then sharing the link of the forked repository in the idea submission PPT.

  • To avoid disqualification, participants must submit their ideas in the hackathon dashboard before the deadline i.e. November 19th, 2023.

Deliverables - Prototype Development Phase

  • The prototype submission should be made on a GitHub public repository.

  • The entire code base needs to be present on the team's forked GitHub repository.

  • The prototype submission must lay down equal emphasis on the deployment/inference benchmarking in GPU/CPU, with Intel® oneAPI.

  • Pull requests of the forked repository need to be generated.

Note : Participants can update the README file in their forked repository, in the prototype development phase as well in order to reflect their changes. The GitHub repositories must be retained throughout the process, even after the winner announcement.

Judging Criteria

Code Quality - 33.33%
  • Code is easy to understand and is reproducible

  • Code is well tested, and functions without errors

  • Model Training and Inference

Technical Implementation - 33.33%
  • Intel® AI Analytics Toolkits are leveraged and used appropriately by developer

  • Data Preprocessing & Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

  • Implementation of Intel® oneAPI is a must.

  • Usage of Intel® Developer Cloud is a must.

Creativity & originality - 33.33%
  • Solution is original and clearly differentiates itself from submissions in the same category

  • Solution creates clear additional value beyond competition

  • Scale and novelty of technology

Problem Statements

Problem statement - 1

GenAI-Powered Customer Support Optimization

Harness the power of GenAI in revolutionising customer support solutions. Participants are tasked with leveraging Intel® Developer Cloud and the Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit to create innovative applications that enhance the customer support experience through advanced AI-driven solutions.

Read More

Problem statement - 2

AI-Enhanced Legal Practice Platform

Empower legal professionals with cutting-edge Generative AI technology. Participants are tasked with fine tuning an innovative Legal Practice Platform powered by Large Language Models (LLM) tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by legal professionals.

Read More

Problem statement - 3

Revolutionary AI-Infused Retail Platform

Leverage the power of GenAI to transform the retail industry. Participants are challenged to create a cutting-edge retail website that integrates Intel® Developer Cloud and the Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit, delivering a personalised and intelligent shopping experience.

Read More

Training & Hands-on Workshops

Accelerating AI Workflows with Intel® Developer Cloud: From Embeddings to QnA Chatbots

calendar_icon 31st October 2023

Hackathon Resources

What is oneAPI

Toolkits & Libraries

  • GenAI Playground: Text-To-Image Stable Diffusion with Stability AI and CompVis on the Latest Intel GPU
    Know More
  • GenAI Playground: Image-To-Image Stable Diffusion with Runway ML’s v1–5 and Stability AI’s v2–1 on the Latest Intel GPU
    Know More
  • GenAI Playground: LLMs with Camel 5B and Open Llama 3B v2 on the Latest Intel GPU
    Know More
  • Intel® Distribution of Modin
    Know More
  • Intel® AI Reference Kit
    Know More
  • Intel® oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library
    Know More
  • Intel® oneAPI Threading Building Blocks
    Know More
  • Intel® oneAPI Data Analytics Library
    Know More
  • Intel® oneAPI Video Processing Library
    Know More
  • Intel® oneAPI Collective Communications Library
    Know More
  • Intel® Optimization for TensorFlow*
    Know More
  • Intel® Optimization for PyTorch*
    Know More
  • Intel® Distribution for Python*
    Know More
  • Intel® Extension for Scikit-learn
    Know More
  • Intel® Neural Compressor
    Know More
  • Intel® oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library (oneDNN)
    Know More

Hackathon Jury

Speaker Picture

Kavita Aroor

Developer Marketing Lead, APJ - Intel®

Kavita Aroor is a Developer Marketing Lead- APJ at Intel® focusing on developing software solutions for the Asia Pacific market. She drives the developer outreach, engagements and programs in the areas of GPU, HPC and AI. With 18 years of experience in brand and field marketing, Kavita has driven numerous customer and user engagements across the Asia Pacific

Speaker Picture

Usha Rengaraju

Chief of Research, Exa Protocol

Usha currently heads the data science research at Exa Protocol, and she is the World’s first women triple Kaggle Grandmaster. She is ranked as top ten Data Scientists in India for the year 2020 by Analytics India Magazine, ranked as the top ten women data scientists by Analytics Insight magazine for 2021, and also ranked as the top 150 AI Leaders and Influencers by 3AI magazine. She organized NeuroAI which is India’s first-ever research symposium on the interface of Neuroscience and Data Science. She also organized the Neurodiversity India Summit which is India’s first-ever conference in Neurodiversity.

Speaker Picture

Abhishek Nandy

Chief Data Scientist - PrediQt Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Abhishek Nandy is Chief Data Scientist - PrediQt Business Solutions Pvt. Abhishek is also an Intel® register trademark Certified trainer with Intel® oneAPI SYCL specialization. Abhishek brings in a mixture of experience, research aptitude and large industry exposure. He is an entrepreneur, a teacher, author, researcher and dreamcatcher. He has worked on various domains such as pharmaceutical, manufacturing and retail and has led several teams in research and product development.

Speaker Picture

Anish Kumar

AI Software Solutions Engineering Manager APAC, Intel®

Anish Kumar is a seasoned AI professional, currently leading the AI Solution Engineering for the APAC region at Intel®. With nearly two decades of experience in the technology industry, Anish brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. He assists mission-driven organizations in maximizing their impact through the use of data science and machine learning that are optimized using Intel® AI toolkits and Intel® hardware.


1st Place Winner
1st Place Winner

Cash Prize ₹ 1,50,000/-

2nd Place Winner
2nd Place Winner

Cash Prize ₹ 1,00,000/-

2nd Place Winner
3rd Place Winner

Cash Prize ₹ 50,000/-

Next Top 10 Teams - Cash Prizes Worth ₹ 20,000/- Each

Social contest winners

Exclusive Intel® Goodies

Certificates for all valid Idea submissions.

*Pictures shown here are for illustration purposes only

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There is no participation fee

This hackathon is exclusively for startup, professional and freelance developers.

Yes, all team members can login from their account and access their application.

The organizing team will approve and confirm your participation. Shortlisted teams will receive a confirmation email and it will reflect on the user dashboard.

The entire idea need not be fully implemented; however, the submission should be functional and submitted with proof of concepts/prototypes so that it can be reviewed by the judges.

The developer/developers of the web/mobile application will have all rights and own the IP of the product. However, all code needs to be in public domain (open source) so that it can be evaluated by the judges.
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