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H2STC OctoberHacx-a Hacktoberfest #octoberhacx

Show off what you have learnt during hacktoberfest! view more...

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H2STC OctoberHacx-a Hacktoberfest

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Show off what you have learnt during hacktoberfest! Build new projects using your newly acquired skills or polish your old project to showcase here! Since, this year,Hacktoberfest as included no code & design elements, you can also submit your designs and Ui/ux prototypes. Apart from these, you are free to use any project which has not breached community and contributing guidelines. You can submit coding solutions if you may, but developer projects might fetch you brownie points! We will be judging on your execution, idea, creativity and hackers-favourite ideas. We wont be having any specific tracks, so feel free to build what you want to!

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Frequently Asked Questions

OctoberHacx-a Hacktoberfest conclusion is open to the Students, technologist, freelancers and professional developer community.

The entry should be functional for review by the judges.

Yes, participants are required to submit a prototype. If you use any database like SQL Server or PostgreSQL you can also submit a database dump along with your submission.

The organizing team will approve and confirm your participation. Shortlisted teams will receive a confirmation email and it will reflect on the user dashboard.

Yes, all team members can login from their account and submit application.

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