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Call for Problem Statements
Build for Bharat Hackathon Overview

Welcome to the Build for Bharat Hackathon! We are excited to invite students, professional developers, startups, and tech enthusiasts from all over the country for an exhilarating hackathon sponsored by ONDC and Google Cloud and organised by Hack2skill.

The hackathon aims to unite tech enthusiasts, students, developers, and startups in solving real-world e-commerce challenges using cutting-edge technology and fostering innovation in the digital commerce ecosystem.

Participants in the Build for Bharat Hackathon

Innovative Challenges

Tackle real-world problems in the e-commerce industry, leveraging the power of ONDC and Google Cloud technologies.


Gain insights and guidance from industry experts and mentors who will be available to support you throughout the event.


Compete for exciting prizes, including cash rewards, Google Cloud credits, and the opportunity to showcase your project.


Connect with like-minded individuals, potential collaborators, and future employers in the tech ecosystem.

Learning Opportunities

Expand your knowledge and skills by working on hands-on projects in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.

Call for Problem Statements
Uncover the challenges of the e-commerce landscape and submit the problem you want participants to solve, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions.

Problem Statement Themes


Address challenges within the realm of ecommerce logistics.


Tackle a unique mobility-related challenge and offer creative solutions.


Explore an exceptional fintech challenge and present novel approaches for resolution.

Retail Commerce

Challenge in the retail commerce sector and devise innovative strategies for resolution.


Tackle a unique mobility-related challenge and offer creative solutions.

Retail Commerce

Challenge in the retail commerce sector and devise innovative strategies for resolution.

Steps for Hackathon

01 .
Step 1
See, Problems in Digital Commerce Ecosystem?
02 .
Step 2
Find innovative solutions
03 .
Step 3
Build Solution prototype
Participation Criteria

Explore investment opportunities, expand product offerings, and work with cutting-edge technology.
Gain practical coding experience and connect with industry professionals, enhancing their career prospects.
Diversify skills, build an impressive portfolio, and network for potential collaborations and projects.
Upgrade expertise, advance careers, and mentor emerging talents while working with cutting-edge technology.

Part 1

Problem Statement Sourcing
6 Sep, 2023 to 10 Oct 2023
Problem Statement Announcement
18 Oct 2023

Part 2

Hackathon Launch
18 Oct 2023
Registration and Ideation
Shortlisting and Prototyping
Demo Days (Grand Finale)
Investment and Funding
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Call for Jury

Be a part of the decision-making process! We're inviting experts and thought leaders to join our esteemed panel of judges for the hackathon. Your expertise will play a crucial role in evaluating and recognizing the most innovative solutions. Join us in celebrating creativity. Apply to be a jury member today!

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Call for Mentors

Join us in shaping the future of innovation! We're calling on experienced professionals and industry leaders to become mentors in our hackathon. Share your knowledge, guide aspiring innovators, and help them transform their ideas into reality. Together, we can inspire the next generation of problem solvers. Become a mentor today!

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Jury Panel

To Be Announced
Mentor Panel

To Be Announced

Build for Bharat Hackathon is open to individuals and teams from all over India. Whether you are a startup, working professional, student, or freelancer, if you have a passion for technology and a drive for innovation, this hackathon is for you.

The hackathon will be conducted online and teams can participate from the comfort of their homes, workspaces.

NADA, there is no fees involved at any stage of the hackathon.

You can register for the hackathon during the registration phase. Teams can be formed with a maximum of 4 members, and participants can explore public teams if they don't have one.

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to reach out to us at Our dedicated team is here to assist you throughout the hackathon journey.