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Q1. What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a social coding event that involves enthusiastic developers and other inquisitive people to improvise or build new and creative projects/programs.

Q2. Are coding bootcamps worth it?

If you’re a tech geek or someone who wants to become a developer : Coding bootcamps will start your journey toward an exciting career as a web developer or software engineer. Interact with other creatives in this space, build your own professional network, and grab exciting rewards and cash prizes that will support you financially.
Read our blog to get an idea that Why Hackathons Are Important from a career perspective.

Q3. How does a hackathon work?

Hackathon is a time-regulated event in which teams are formed, they work together and collaborate with each other to build new ideas and yield innovative projects.

Q4. What do you do in a hackathon?

The purpose is to design, construct and demonstrate the most innovative solution to a given problem, and then pitch your final idea, prototype, or presentation to the expert panel.

Q5. How to participate in the hackathon as a beginner?

Well, everyone is a beginner once in his/her life. But the journey from being a beginner and then a pro is fascinating, creative, mind-storming and something you’ll love to experience. Check our complete guide on how to participate in a hackathon as a Beginner.

Q6. Who can participate in a hackathon?

Usually, there is no such age restriction to participate in a hackathon. Generally, the preferred age to participate is 18 years or older.

Q7. Is there any registration fee to participate in a hackathon?

No. There is no such registration or submission fee in a hackathon.

Q8. How to build my first Hackathon project?

It’s essential to set your game plan before building a project. We’ve solved all your doubts in : How To Build A Project In A Hackathon

Q9. Will I get food at the hackathon event?

Yes! There will be meals available. The food will be free and there’ll be plenty of snacks and drinks to keep you energized and ready for the hackathon. Moreover, there will be some fun activities and mind-boggling workshops as well.

Q10. What are the different types of Hackathon?

There are various categories of hackathons like : Internal Hackathon, External hackathons, online/offline hackathons, Cause-specific/industry-specific hackathons, application/language-based hackathons, etc. You can find a complete guide on the types of hackathons here .

Q11. Are hackathons good for my resume ?

Absolutely! When you list hackathons on your resume, it is a significant way to stand out! It will increase your chance of getting success in interviews. Many top-tier tech companies, look for unique portfolios and projects that they have done earlier.

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